mercredi 6 janvier 2016

A new kind of fluoride free and bullshit free toothpaste, made by Ugly by Nature

Let's hope that it is not a worldknown secret that fluoride deteriorates the pineal gland, the brain functional mecanism and the body itself (make your own research on the Internet, you will be stunned).

Despite the official propaganda message with the pro-fluoride advertisement, a lot of people are making  their own toothpaste (check on the YouTube website for tutorials) with essential oils and argile, or are buying different kind of toothpaste fluoride free (aloe vera from Canary Islands for example).

But what does happen with the other kind of chemical and artificial inputs used in the common toothpaste ?

Do not guess, i got the answer for you, just ask to the Dr Paul Herman

You've understood ! That is the first toothpaste with (fasten your belt) with the "no policy" : no fluoride, parabens, artificial colors, perservatives stabilizers, foaming agents, gluten, glycerin, thickening agent, artificial sweeteners (like aspartam) or GMO's.
It is not finished yet : not tested on animals.

The seven different kind of toothpaste are enough diversified to please any  human being.

How much does it cost ?  Only $8.99 USD with, for now, available by Internet order, even from all around the globe (That's how the Internet works).

This floridian firm made a crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo : $26,343 USD raised in a single month with 748 people ( I was one of them).

How could it be better ?

I have personaly tested this product and i am 200 % satisfied, not because health is priceless, but because i have never used a better product than Ugly by Nature.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."


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