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Brexit : what are the consequences for Ireland and its relationship with the EU ?

A lecture was held on tuesday 8 november at the National Assembly ( N.A. low chamber) of the French Republic, organized by the brittany deputy Paul Molac and  Charles Kergaravat Founder of Breizh Amerika association. There were several important persons who came specially for this event : Dr Alasdair McDonnell MP of South Belfast, Tom Arnold Director of the Institute of International and European Affairs, Dr Conor Patterson Irish entrepreneur, JD Giuliani from the Robert Schuman Fondation, François Alfonsi President of the Alliance libre européenne and Forough Salami-Dadkhak Vice-Presidente of the Brittany State.

One day, Alasdair McDonnell told Paul Molac that action should be  occurred in order to let the europeans know that Ireland is very motivated to stay in  the European Union despite the fact  England voted for the Brexit. The Deputy Paul Molac, also President of the France-Ireland Association at the N.A organized this lecture, to reckon the McDonnell request.

 You will read a sum-up of the main topics that occur this day in front of approximately sixty persons in the audience. One person in the audience read the Magazine Breton (Brittany Magazine).

* Alasdair McDonnell, SDLP MP for South Belfast

 The Social Democrat and Labour Party MP resumed this situation in one sentence : face the consequences of the Brexit but he would have prefered a"NO". Ireland joined Europe 40 years ago, and in results, it abandonned its dull politic status for a bright future it can now enjoy. Ireland does not want to have an Irexit. Ireland citizens have the double passeport Irish and EU (even the UK cannot take it out) thanks to the 1998 peace agreement. Ireland is mixed by 49% of British and Unionist, 41% of Irish and Nationalist and 10% others including immigrants. He is afraid that many of the cornerstones of the Peace settlement will be damaged if the UK exits the EU. The two main strands of the leave people's arguements came from the residual Right wing British Imperialists and the marginalised and deprived working class. Other issues like red tape were minors.

The result of the referanda is to trigger article 50 and the terms of the final deal with the EU. The first thing needs the consult of the Parliament. Time will tell about the economic consequences.
Two important dates : in june 2019, it's the european elections and july 2020 sees the end of the current EU budget and the start of the new EU budget. He advises the EU to take more in consideration the people needs who feel insecured, frightened and pessimistic about their future prospects. A new relationship between Britain and the EU is a must do, as re-working a new Europe for 27 members which is in sync with people's everyday needs and genuine expectations.
Northern Ireland (NI) voted 56% to remain, and Scotland 62%. They want to build a better Europe and a better World. The EU provided modernisation and lift the NI with the social and structural funds. They do not want this progress reversed, that's why they opposed to the Brexit. They want to change this misguided act and, at worse, minimise the damage and return to a strong working relationship with the EU and with theirs friends in France and beyond. A new europe for people and not for bureaucrats.

Brexit in UK, does not mean Brexit in NI. There are losers in every countries because of the globalization, the sea was never a barrier, "We want to talk to you, we feel like robbed, we need to share this feeling in France, it is all about identity, not immigation, economic, financial or social. Threats are coming back." The commonwealth is history, it belongs to the past. Wales, Scotland and NI are committed to Europe.  Social and structure funds helped to promote social and economic issues.

* Tom Arnold Director of the Institute of International and European Affairs

The irish committment towards the EU has been profiting Ireland since 1973, 55% of the exports goes to the EU.
The political level has raised : Ireland has a voice since it's been embracing the EU.
What are the consequences of a hard Brexit ? Leave the single market and the customs agreement. To prevent it, new rules for NI have to be made. It can not last 10 years.

* Dr Conor Patterson Irish entrepreneur

Conor Patterson loves France for two reasons, he went on holidays and France has a History link with Ireland. He fled the british repression.
Its State had a nearly 30%  unemployement rate but thanks to the new frontier, it gained economic benefits with a 3% unemployement rate now.  Ireland needs a specific management to avoid an economic catastrophe, a special agreement like The Good Friday Agreement.
There is no plan B in stock, the keys reside in the exports, the free movement of people. The main reason to be here : the children. The children are more important that the economics digits, they can not jeopardize the children future.

JD Giuliani from the Robert Schuman Fondation

When i read that JD Giuliani represents the Robert Schuman Foundation (you know that R Schuman worked for the CIA and  american interests) i thought, what this person will tell the audience. I didn't expect the coming...

According to Mr Giuliani,  the voters are wrong, they are too stupid to understand a simple treaty text agreement. It is beyond their intellingence to understand all the issues. That's why politicians are reliable : they can understand the treaties agreement and make the better choice for the inhabitants.
The referanda is a bad tool, we should never use it.  We need to renegociate without punishment.

Are you kidding  me ? No, he was serious !

* François Alfonsi President of the Alliance libre européenne

 The EU should defend the pro european countries, grow the number of countries to become stronger and have the more territory it can have.  The country the more closer to  NI is Britain, they should keep tight this bound. Europe should listen NI and Scotland and Wales. It may regenerate new treaties to help these countries.

 * Forough Salami-Dadkhak Vice-Presidente of the Brittany State

The only female of the group, who is in charge of  European and International affairs for the State of Bretagne. She knows well her field.

 The migration is important for these countries in Brittany / Bretagne / Breizh but the economy is globalized. The impact is important for Bretagne :
- Food agriculture economy : There are many english firms in Breizh. Currency issue: the pounds has lost 18% since june and brittany firms had theirs prices reduced.
- Fishing : the most large part of the fishing zone in the ocean is owned but Britain. 80% or 50% fishes, according to the species came from the Britain water territory. It can trigger big issues about the european fishing quota.
- Residents and Tourism : The british who get retired and bought houses in Bretagne, may have had their pension dwidled because of the pound currency that went down. It can trigger purchase power issues.
 - Universities and research : 80% of the research centers work with Britain. There is a special european structure fund dedicated to the France and  English Channel, it can be modified or canceled.

After the lecture, Ty Billig, 16 rue Odessa in Paris 14, organized a buffet with brittanies products, it was very tasty !


The consequences raises issues about the identity and the capacity of the young generations to move freely in Europe to keep their social standard on a fair basis, the economy by keeping cities and villages able to export and import and create project with the social and structure europeans funds to make people live better, and keep NI, Scotland and wales with a political voice that should never go down or obstructed.

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