vendredi 18 mars 2011

Sendai in Japan : The First one of the streak ?

Who could have predicted such a deathly earthquake in Japan ? No one ! Japanese have always been prepared for dealing with earthquakes by builting structures who can resist to earthquake, educate children for how to behave during an earthquake, but.... No one has predicted the Tsunanmi right after the eartquake. Has Japan disregarded the earthquake risk ? Not at all, Japan is one the most technically advanced countries in resisting earthquake. And the earthquake doubled with the tsuanami have also nearly ruined the north east nuclear plants in Japan. France governement said the risk is 6 and Japan gouvernement said the risk is 5 (scale of 1 to 7). The World Health Organization made its FAQ's about Japan nuclear food safety concerns

So who can we blamed ?

The same guilty, always and always, Mother Nature. Nature is the most intelligent, mighty and advanced organization on Earth. We, human beings as scientists can not predicted all Mother Nature moves. Is Mother Nature the only one to blame ? Of course not. Human civilization has its parts in the sudden Mother Nature behavior.
Natural water is not as good as it was 100 years ago. Our soils are polluted by radioactivity where we grow vegetables, fruits, and raise animal to eat. I do not even mention pesticides and nitrates. Is the air more healthy ? It depends about the geographical position but our industries, flights, highway and cities car traffic have dramastically dwindled our air quality. Animal species are diminishing, even bees are dying in all continents except in Black Africa.

Mother Nature reacts also according to our human civilization behavior, as our human civilization behavior reacts according to Mother Nature behavior, we are linked, we use the same planet.

We overproduct, over consummate, we spoil our natural ressources. We should not be suprised if Nature reacts sometimes so brutally to our acts. Is the Sendai apocalypse due to the Mother nature behavior ? of course, it's called plates tectonic but it's also due to the japanese nuclear management.

If we can not take care properly of our planet, i guarantee you that the Sendai nigthmare in Japan is the first one of a possibly more or even deathly nature phenomena streak in the months to come.

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