mercredi 3 février 2010

Hope & Legacy : Past, Present and Futur

What is left behind our dearest who past away ? Legacy and Hope... History is the same circle

History is repeating itself through circle of pain and hope. What does it mean ?
It means that History or our civilization is made by battles : social struggles, wars, politics, natural disasters, etc...

Those battles generally begin when a lack of human being behavior is so deep that it cannot be changed easily due to the will required and the mentality to change. In those situations where the word "hope" is unthinkable, we need leaders, organizations, politics, stronger enough, structured enough, willing enough, to create the path in order to gather more and more people in their struggle. Without Them, we cannot change, even if some people are motivated enough to make things better. With Them, we can believe to hope despite of the situation... Then Hope became a powerful tool to help Them, it galvanizes the troops who are willing to die for it.
President Obama in the Forbidden City in China

What is Legacy ?
Values and honor epitomize Legacy, left from the dead on the battlefield. This Legacy is telling us that our fight is the good one, the one needed for our entire community, country, Nation, human race, in spite of all pressures and fears, past, present and in the future. Even in the doubt, we do know or will know that we cannot give up because a lot of people do count on us, their Hope maintain our will stronger. A lot of World War Two soliders knew the true meaning of their fight when the first nazi concentration camps were delivered, they understood why they were fighting to death and it was willing to.

Why Google has changed its censorship policy in China ? Why President Obama has chosen to meet The Dalai Lama despite the huge commercial China threat ? Why the Black Panther Party was so bigger and made a trementous impact in the black and non-black community ? What the New Orleans Saints football team participation in the Superbowl is positive for the people of Louisiana community after Katrina ?

Because they bring Hope to the human being at such scale we cannot imagine. Because general interest is more important and generator of change than individual interest. Because Hope make things change and huge achievements can be raised. Because there is no back return when we start walking forward.

Hope & Legacy are the true meaning of our existences, they can lift People from desesperate situations. History is a circle.Draw from Emory Douglas book "Black Panther - The Revolution of Art of E Douglas"
the red word is "slavery"
”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
Martin Luther King Jr

Emory Douglas (former Minister of Culture for the Black Panthers Party) & Myself in Paris, where Mr Douglas gave a lecture to the Paris Diderot University, February 3rd, 2010

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